PP Polypropylene

Polypropylene is the second most common plastic raw material in the world. Polypropylene is preffered due to its low cost, and its moderate strenght has a flexibility that makes it easy to mold into different shapes. Besides these, it is chemically resistant to most oils and solvents, it has excellent impact strenght, a low coefficient of friction excellent moisture resistance and high temperature resistance.


Melt Flow Index : 1 – 10  
Suggested Applications
Jumbo Bag Production, Thermoform Sheet Extrusion, BOPP Film (Food, Cigarettes, Cassettes, Cd Packaging), Kitchen Articles, Upholstery, Chairs, Tables, Picnic Furniture
Melt Flow Index : 10 – 25
Suggested Applications
Continuous Flament, Kitchen Articles
Melt Flow Index : 25 – 35
Suggested Applications
Bulk Continuous Flament (Carpet Production), Nonwoven, Large Sized Kitchen Articles


Melt Flow Index : 1,2 – 80
Suggested Applications
Storage Cases, Battery Cases, Yoghurt Boxes, Paint Boxes


Melt Flow Index : 0,20 – 0,30
Suggested Applications
Pipe Fittings (Hot/Cold), Pipes for Water Systems


Melt Flow Index : 10 – 70
Suggested Applications
Transparent Kitchen Articles, Storage Boxes


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